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Doc Johnson The Tube, Clear

Go for a ride on the Tube...and arrive at your destination happy and satisfied. It's the softest glove you will ever love. The perfect masturbator for heavenly sensations. Slide, stroke and repeat until satisfied. Clear so you can see the effects it has on your passenger. Made of UR3, (A Phthalate-free) rubber, the softest to engulf your buddy for a smooth enjoyable ride.

  • Doc Johnson The Tube Clear Male Sex Toy
  • The Pocket Pussy sensation designed is to feel remarkably like the real thing. The stretchy tunnels stimulates for ultra-erotic deep penetrating pleasure. Use with your favorite lube for partner play or the ultimate male solo indulgence.
  • For women who are uncomfortable with performing oral sex to completion, when ear the end, simply silde on a well-lubricated Masterbator, and he will not even notice the difference.
  • They are great fun during partner sex and can offer a couple an alternate between real intercourse.
  • If you partner travels frequently, you may want to stash a Masterbator in his suitcase and give a call that night in his hotel. That will keep him thinking about you.

List Price: $ 11.25
Price: $ 5.95

Doc Johnson Men's Prostate Massager Wand Black

Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
Vibrating anal/prostate stimulation. Massages the scrotum and balls while stimulating the prostate.
Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Multi-speed + waterproof. Hits the spots every time. Easy insert and removal handle.
Sold as an adult novelty only.
We cannot accept returns due to the nature of the product.

  • Doc Johnson Men's Prostate Pleasure Wand Black
  • Strong motor for best sexual experience

List Price: $ 29.99
Price: $ 16.60

Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Massager

Are you a rude boy? The Rude-Boy vibrating massager offers dual action to please the prostate and perineum. To enjoy the unique experience of Rude-Boy, use a water based lubricant. Position the bullet behind the scrotum with the opposite end resting against your prostate. You can sit up or lie back and rock against Rude-Boy to provide hands-free stimulation. Strong, silent vibrations abound thanks to the included 1.5v battery that is included. Take this 100% waterproof toy with you in the tub or shower for some super wet fun. Warning: Intense ejaculation!

  • Strong silent vibrations
  • Hands free stimulations
  • 100% waterproof

List Price: $ 60.00
Price: $ 36.50

California Exotics Devon's Private Pleasures New Soft Touch Vagina & Anus, 1 parts

Soft & sensual! So incredibly life-like, you'll think you are deep inside of me!! Sensational ribbed passage. Tight & sassy anus. 6 Inch love tunnel. Exquisitely detailed vaginal lips. You can feel my soft Vagina and anus swallow your throbbing penis with every stroke. As you slide into my private pleasures the feeling is so life-like that it's as if you were deep inside of me!! I like it both ways! Sold as a novelty only. Made in China. Packaged in USA.

  • Soft & Sensual
  • New soft touch pussy and anus

List Price: $ 27.90
Price: $ 13.30

California Exotics COLT Metal Vibrator, 7"

Power-packed multi-speed waterproof vibrators with a smooth seamless finish.

  • 2 AA batteries
  • 6?x 1?/15 cm x 3 cm
  • Power-packed vibrators with a smooth seamless finish
  • Multi-speed
  • ABS with silver plating

List Price: $ 13.95
Price: $ 8.40

Adam & Eve Men's Prostate Pleaser

Adam & Eve Men's Prostate Pleaser

  • Slim, curved 3.75 insertable inch (9.5 cm) anal pleaser with EZ Bend shaft
  • Pleasure tip seeks out the prostate Ergonomically designed Flexible handle for the ultimate maneuverability
  • Smooth, flexible exterior Gets super-slick when used with water-based lubricant Made in USA

List Price: $ 13.66
Price: $ 11.16

Sue Johanson's Head Honcho

Soft and stretchy masturbation sleeve

  • Stretchy
  • Soft
  • Toy Of The Year
  • Sue J's favorite Toy
  • Unbelievable

List Price: $ 17.90
Price: $ 10.65

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Electric Massager

  • 1 yr warranty
  • 2 powerful speeds, low 5000 rpm, high 6000 rpm
  • Most popular massager for over 30 years
  • Non phallic appearance
  • Electric for constant, powerful vibration

List Price: $ 60.00
Price: $ 41.99

Berman Center Aphrodite Infrared Rechargeable Massager

Must be 18 years of age or older to buy
Infrared Rechargeable Massager with 3 Interchangeable Silicone Sleeves
Massaging head with Flexo-Joint so massager moves with you
Massage and heat enhances blood circulation
2-speed vibrations with low infrared heat
3 interchangeable Silicone attachments: smooth, nubby, pinpoint
Hygienically superior Silicone
AC wall recharger - 110 volt
Infrared heat provides controlled warming, soothing sensations
High & low vibrations with low heat
Multi-purpose design for muscle relaxation and erogenous zone stimulation (not intended for insertion)
Designer pouch included
The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection was designed by women for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life. I, along with my team of clinicians, have worked with thousands of women through the years and we've listened to what they want and need. This line is designed around that feedback and is focused on what works for women. Pleasing and ergonomic designs discreet packaging, quiet devices, and clear instructions for use are all hallmarks of the Berman Center Intimate Accessories. Each item in the line is designed for a different sexual challenge or set of sexual health goals. Whether you've never had an orgasm, want to strengthen your pelvic floor or you want to spice things up with your partner, there is an Intimate Accessory that is perfect for you.
A recent research study conducted by the Berman Center demonstrated that women who use vibrators experience greater levels of sexual satisfaction and express overall higher quality of life. Exploring your own body is a key first step in empowering yourself to maintain and improve your sexual life.Use the intimate Accessories alone or share with your partner. We have included instructions and diagrams to show you how to use these products in ways that have been the most successful for

  • Includes 3 interchangeable silicon sleeves
  • For muscle relaxation or stimulation
  • 3 soft silicone tips for pinpoint stimulation
  • Works on sore necks, lower back pain and just about any sensitive spot on the body
  • Charge for 12 hours before use

List Price: $ 76.70
Price: $ 20.58

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